"The Wash Day Series" Laundry room decor by Debi Hubbs. Or Creases they aren't just laugh lines.


"Clothes Line" I love this one from my Wash Day Series. Nothing smells better than clothes hung to dry on a clothes line. I wonder if sheep smell better?   Purchase it here.  

"Loads Of Fun" You know how you feel a bit of guilt when you walk by your laundry room pile? Well, now you will have a little laugh as you get distracted by this cute image of then hens doing your laundry for you. Jazz up your laundry room and you won't notice the laundry pile! Purchase it here.


"Ironing"   I am not fond of ironing.  I have tried buying all of the cool things.  A pretty ironing board cover, spray starch, an exceptional iron, and I still end up with catawampus creases and low ironing self-eSTEAM. Any tips besides soaking the fabric and tossing it in the dryer?

Purchase it here.

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